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Senior Advisor

Progressives call for Home Depot boycott

Picking on a 90 year old man because of his views. He ask why would anyone want to hurt them. Simple. Progressives ooze with hate and intolerance.


Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus responded to boycotts of his stores in a Facebook post Thursday, saying “it angers” him to be treated so viciously simply for expressing support for the president.

“I woke up this morning thinking it was going to be another great day,” he wrote. “I’ve been celebrating with friends, family and the community since I turned 90 … All that happiness blew up because I said in a newspaper interview that I have supported and will continue to support Donald Trump.”

“Boom!” he continued. “Negative stories… vicious threats, without cause, to boycott the company that has enabled my foundation to give billions to support autism, medical research, education, heart and neurological issues like stroke, and to help our veterans. … The people who work there are affiliated with both political parties or no party at all … Why would people want to hurt them?”

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Senior Contributor

Re: Progressives call for Home Depot boycott

90 year old.  He’s relevant to everything. 

Why shouldn’t the lefties have a say? He’s opening supporting de fuhrer but you think it improper for customers to boycott them.  

Not a connecting neuron above your neck. 

Honored Advisor

Re: Progressives call for Home Depot boycott

Progressives boycotting a home improvement store??? Smiley Very Happy    ....ahh yeah and I here by announce my boycott of the musical Rent, I`m sure the performers in the play are very worried if the producer can make payroll with the lack of my patronage.

Senior Contributor

Re: Progressives call for Home Depot boycott


Isnt that typical of you. How does all the hatred you have for others sit with your hypocritical religious beliefs?