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Proof Obama is toast.

All of the liberal are dumping on the black fella and now this from Hill. You just knew she was lying when she said she didn't want the office. My guess the birth certificate is also about to become front page news in the lamestream media.



Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign is still alive and today it emerged from the shadows to remind supporters that she "made history" in the 2008 campaign and that mementos from that bid are now for sale.

In an E-mail, the Hillary Clinton for President campaign revived speculation that she is still interested in the Oval Office despite new denials that President Obama is considering replacing Vice President Joe Biden with his secretary of state. [Read Veep Fights: Clinton Vs. Bachmann.]

The E-mail comes as a new Washington Whispers poll finds that Clinton is the runaway favorite of those seeking a third party candidate. In our poll, 39 percent picked Clinton as their choice to head a third party. Mike Huckabee is next at 20 percent and Donald Trump dead last at 12 percent.

Some influential Democrats, however, want her to stick with Obama and get the vice presidency, believing that she will be able to bring back liberal, unions and environmental groups that are disappointed with the president.

While her campaign has in the past dispatched fundraising emails in a bid to finish paying her 2008 campaign debt, the timing of the latest blast raised some eyebrows.[Check out U.S. News Weekly, now available on iPad.]

In it, the Clinton campaign says her story lives on. "In her speech in Denver, Hillary told us, 'You allowed me to become part of your lives. And you became part of mine.' As we all know, campaigns are tough, but having loyal supporters like you helped make Hillary's campaign one that will never be forgotten."