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Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

In Americaa, it has become universal practice for prosecutors to manipluate vicitm's families into demanding vengeance against the accused.


In peaceful Islamic Pakistan, people forgive the killers of their family members!


"CIA contractor Raymond Davis was released by Punjab officials after a reported deal was negotiated with the families of the two men he was accused of murdering.  Davis was scheduled to be indicted for murder charges today.  Security forces picked up the families last night."

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Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

I don't know who said it but it goes something like this - Why do we kill people who kill people to stop people from killing people.


Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

That is proof?

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Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

All it proves is you can do what ever you want as long as you have money. Life is cheap.

Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

I just thought it was mighty Christian of those folks to forgive the guy for killing their family member.


Bad PR for the anti-islamic propaganda folks but, hey, it got buried in the news in the US anyway.


So we move on. I'd sure like to know what was going on there but that seems unlikely to happen.


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Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

Yes Nox, different culture, different customs.

When the news does not fit the stereotype then the 'news' ignores it.

'News' outlets hate to confuse the listener with facts and correct info.


Yes, I disagree Islam is superior to Christianity

I feel you are making broad sweeping inflamatory generalizations in hopes of causing an argument.


Pakistan may be a Muslim nation but the United States is not a Christian nation. The US is a tolerant nation founded on Christian principles, allowing all to practice their religious beliefs. (Please note there are a lot of people who claim the title "Christian" but do not sincerely practice the beliefs)


One of the differences between a sincere Muslim and a sincere Christian is the way they treat the other.  Islam teaches if the infidel cannot be converted to kill him.  Christianity teaches we are to love others regardless of their beliefs.  Before you point you finger at current events or history please understand a LOT of people have used Christian religion as a means to advance  non-Christian agendas.  I'm talking about truly understanding and practicing what Jesus taught.


As for your example, often times revenge is desired.  But also there is the desire to make sure the person who did the terrible act is no longer endangering society.


Since you mentioned peaceful Pakistan, let's look at a few examples of Islamic "peace".



"On August 1, last year 7 Christian women and children were burnt alive, several dozen people were injured and nearly 180 house looted and destroyed using special chemicals in incidents in Gojra, Korian and Kasur. These were done on the basis of unsubstantiated allegations of ‘desecrating the Holy Qur’an by the Christians’. The government failed to protect the innocent people caught up in this carnage despite prior warnings.


The radical Islamists who rally the cry of Blasphemy insist that insulting the Quran and Prophet is justifiable by death."



"...ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim minorities by Pakistan since 1947. Therefore, the Kashmir problem could not be discussed, without at the same time addressing ethnic cleansing of non-Muslim minorities in the Indian subcontinent. Clearly, Pakistan must be made accountable for these dastardly deeds. When India was partitioned, an understanding had been reached between Indian and Pakistani leaders that minorities in their respective countries would not be forced out. But Pakistan violated this promise and ethnically cleansed almost all of its Hindu and Sikh population to India."



" While electricity, available through gasoline generators, and tap water are available to every Muslim in the Kalash Valley, and loudspeakers relay azzan and Koranic recitations throughout the day, there is not a single Kafir house that has electricity or a water tap. Their living conditions are indescribable. The Chitral winter is Siberian. The mosques and seminaries have heaters and warm water. The Kafirs' houses remain dark all winter, and they have to melt snow for drinking water. They cut wood to make fire. Their houses are actually large single rooms that remain shut for the six months of winter. Humans and animals live in them together. One can only imagine the stink and the lack of sanitation. There are no toilets. In summer, people use the open fields to relieve themselves; in winter they relieve themselves inside their houses, the same as their animals. One finds human and animal waste everywhere.

There is not a single hospital nor even a minor dispensary in the whole of Kafiristan. The Tablighis have 4x4 jeeps, but few Kafirs have any kind of vehicles. Many Kafirs have died, when basic emergency aid could have saved them, such as during childbirth. The Kafiri diet is basic and monotonous, and one rarely sees either a male or female Kafir who looks physically strong."


That was without doing much digging.  Sounds like a peaceful loving country to me.

Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

Hi Mike,


Good post and I apologize for the fact that my original post swung a bit wildly.


On the one hand it is worth making a bit of light of the way they somehow managed to get the CIA contractor who screwed up out of hot water and of course we'll never know what really happened. Story is that the families got mucho money and free passage to the US.


The linkage I was trying to make was simply how ridiculous this really is- apparently the best they could come up with- in the background of people trying to make this about a war with godless Islam.










Re: Yes, I disagree Islam is superior to Christianity

After reading down through the rest of that post I'll retract the "good post" part.


If the US really had wanted to improve the Islamic world it would have fully embraced the moderate forces and nations within the Islamic world.


We didn't want to primarily because the Israel lobby requires that their illegal and deeply inhumane treatment of their Palestinian population be seen as justified.


And part and parcel of that has been to co-opt Christian theology.

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Re: Proof that Islam is superior to Christianity

  LOL, apparently he didn't read the story at the link you provided. Yeah, Davis' actions will definitely inflame quite a few and has, for a justifiable reason. I'm surprised that as corrupt or corruptible that their police seem to be that the angry mobs didn't get to him and relieve him of his future existence.

  It's probably because the PTB like the scratch from our government more than they like justice, or that they are better than Mubareck at oppressing their populace.