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Psaki's answer to Fox's Doooocy

"Is the White House concerned that Major League Baseball is moving their All-Star Game to Colorado, where voting regulations are very similar to Georgia?" Doocy wondered.

"Let me just refute the first point that you made," she replied. "Colorado allows you to register on election day. Colorado has voting-by-mail, where they send to a 100% of people in the state who are eligible applications to vote by mail. Ninety-four percent of people in Colorado voted by mail in the 2020 election."

So,  the Georgia republican legislature's changes to their election law were based on trump's Big Lie, and now, in turn, criticism of MLB's move to Denver is based on more lies.

  The republican answer to everything seems to be, lie & lie some more.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Psaki's answer to Fox's Doooocy

Democrats can't win elections without cheating.