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Senior Contributor

Public astonishment

Bernie Sanders astonished the public and the news media by raising 20 Million at $27 average donation during the month of february. NOW, one can report that his march receipts were double that. $40 million bucks from real people many of them stressed to donate $27 last month and the next.


How many contributors does it take to match the $250 K that hillary Clinton got from a speech at goldman sachs. Alas real people don't carry much weight when you got the crazies chasing the "incredible" Donald Trump or hillary clinton.


We all know how much difficulty Obama  had passing legislation with the Loyal opposition. How much luck will Trump have with loyal opposition on both sides of the aisle. You crazies can elected a mad man but it will do you little good without support in the congress.from both sides.


Americas economy needs stimulation. Not lower taxes for stockholders or businesses. We need more money in the pockets of consumers. Until businesses recognize that full recovery will be stifled. Don't you think itis about time for government to serve the people instead of special interests? Donald Trump is a special interest and high on his political agenda is lowering taxes for businesses. Goving special exemptions to "bring back money from overseas that has been sheltered from the IRS. A special deal for tax avoiders. Plus the elimination of estate taxes by a man that has supposedly $10 billion in his estate with a large portion of that untaxed capital gains.


Folks, if you want lower taxes for your selves you cannot allow the most prosperous among us have a free ride.