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bruce MN

Putting on my conservative

Getting red-Becked. Reading and not totally discounting the logic posed here by one of Red's journo heros Soooo.....we need to grub out radical Islamic influence. World wide, imaginably. What's it take? Not going away on it's own. Who is going to man the posts and battle lines? We damned to near went bankrupt under Cheney/Rumsfeld in a veiled effort that was no more than cynical capitalist opportunism. How do we really go after it? Do we go "all Hiroshima" on a delineated part of the world? Do we draft every capable young adult in the country and send them "over there" enmasse, to eliminate populations indiscriminately in hopes of getting the right ones? My grandkids are 1, 9 and 12. I'd like for it to be over in 5 years or so. Sorry Red, Craig, BA if those most certianly fabulous, talented and beautiful children of yours have to carry the freight, but let's get'er done

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Re: Putting on my conservative

The best we can do is seal the borders and keep them out. Try to root out the ones here and deport or jail them. We can never wipe them out world wide. That can only be done by the muslim community.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

I think this is the link

Bruce's didn't open


And THomas Sowell says nothing about a foreign war...its about ethnic identity vs. what it means to 

be an American.


Keep the johnnie jhadists out. Trump's message. I think it's a relevant one.

BA Deere
Honored Advisor

Re: Putting on my conservative

Well, we are never going to solve a problem that has been with us since Abraham jumped in the sack with that hottie Hagar and the resulting seed of Ishmael.   Oh it`ll be peace over there one day, but we will be giving "thanks" to the antichrist when that does occur, but that is another post.


The lesson that Obama and Hillary and all the namby-pamby Democrats aren`t learning from all this, is that multiculturalism does not work.     You`re a old hogman Bruce, what happens if you have a pen of 5 hogs 180lbs and then throw in 10 hd of 120lb hogs from another farm and then throw in 10hd of 100lb hogs from still another farm and then go to the sale barn and buy 5 hd of market hogs and throw them in the pen too?......That`s right they fight, tail & ear bite and kill themselves and those that don`t kill themselves, die from disease that was drug in from all those different farms.


You know how it is when you feed a group of sows, there has to be a "boss sow' and until that is established, that pecking order of who gets to eat first and where...they are going to fight.  And people aren`t much different, we`ve dragged in hogs from around the world, that all want their little piece of "Dallas" and "Dynasty" and they want it now!   I`ve been here a half century and i`m no where near JR Ewing and my wife isn`t Alexis Carrington.  Everyone from around the world comes here wanting to be "Boss Hogg"  and when they don`t get it, they fight.   You never saw a country such as this in the late 50`s tv show The Donna Reed Show...we were all very homegenic docile Landraces back then.   Today the Landraces are a slight majority/minority and Hampshires, Red Waddles, Mule Foots, Durocs, Spotted Poland Chinas all kinds of damned hogs here now all wanting to be boss hogg at the trough.


I think it was FDR that said something on the order "To understand people, you must first understand hogs".


Re: Putting on my conservative

As far as the "pick one" of the three hot button issues intertwined here I'm going with this being a mass shooting of Americans by an American.


Unless there is evidence of material support and control from external sources, I don't see it as terrorisim other than the regular and ongoing domestic sort. There's plenty of mental disorder out there and a variety of reasons to hate any number of groups of people.


As far as a hate crime goes, the purpose of those laws is to override local juries and criminal justice systems that refuse to enforce laws because of prejudice. Florida has the death penalty and if this guy was alive I don't think you'd have any trouble getting it on 49 counts.


On guns, the country is awash in guns and ammo and there are a couple SCOTUS decisions in place that will make it impossible for that to change anytime soon. I suppose that  certain actions that aren't  proscribed would make it harder for crazy people to get guns but avenues are going to remain for people who want them.


We've had something like 135 mass shootings- defined by 4 or more victims- so far this year. This is just a particularly bad one.


Welcome to West Mogadishu. Rather than changing everything, I don't see how it changes anything.

bruce MN

Re: Putting on my conservative

Agree.  Simply overwhelmed, however, by the outpouring of suggestions and volunteering for action coming from those most certain of themselves regarding the situation.  




bruce MN

Re: I think this is the link

So what the good new generation of concerned "conservatives" suggest is a round-up and neutralization?  


Short of any other practical suggestion, that can only be presumed.

Senior Contributor

Re: Putting on my conservative



good greeeeef  dude. Comparing people to pigs now are we ??


I'd ask which species  you identify as, but I already know the answer.



Not a dig, but I think the most radical trumpeters. like you ,should be studied for your common traits and how and why there so flawed, yet so prominent.


Being tone deaf is one clear trait you all seem to share.


( Edite, my spelling has suffered from reading too many RightWingNut posts Smiley Very Happy   )






bruce MN

Re: Putting on my conservative

No....that was Truman.


But then you've never been a stickler for historical facts.  As Brian said, if you ain't got something or aren't quite sure on the details, make something up.