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Senior Advisor

Q is the word

as far as the progressive collapse of anything resembling trust in our institutions.

Below is an amusing attempt at assembling a Trump body count, most of the entries resemble the approx. 2/3rds of Clinton Body Count entries that were beyond a stretch.

The majority of the Clinton entries that have some degree of provenance go back to the wild west days in AR when the Reagan/Bush/North CIA cowboys were operating out of there, under the nose of the otherwise pretty astute Governor.

Curiously, some of those folks are Good People.

All very Q-Like- something is very rotten in Denmark but Folks are highly selective in terms of who and how.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Q is the word

The comedian Garry Shandling and other incidents equally absurd, seriously???

Senior Contributor

Re: Q is the word

If speaking ill of Donald Trump gets you killed then there wouldn't be a CNN, CBS,ABC, NBC news caster alive and late night talk show propagandist wouldn't exist.

This copying the concept of the Clinton's hits to accidental deaths of people that didn't like President Trump is like comparing the Loess hills of Iowa to the Alps. 

Senior Advisor

Re: Q is the word

Plenty of those incidental ones on The Clinton Death List as well.

As I said, the majority of the ones that may have some basis go back to AR where the Good People who were running the major ops (under the Governor's nose) appear to get a pass.

The collapse in trust in our institutions does go back to The Clintons and The Clinton Hating Industry*, to which I'll assign equal blame. There's a direct line from there to where we currently find ourselves.

Which brings me back to Q. Something is rotten in Denmark but seizing on ridiculous conspiracy theories that lack  an iota of factual provenance just compounds the problem.

*something to which I'll admit more than a bit of familiarity and interest. Unfortunately the phony assault on The Deep State has resulted in a further entrenchment of The Deep State.