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QPac poll

78% said that it is unacceptable for a candidate to receive information from a hostile foreign power.

Of course the gotcha word is "hostile."

The Base does not regard Russia as hostile, in fact it is seen as a preferable form of political system.

Western Civilization, you know.



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Re: QPac poll

In all of "this", if I was a candidate and received dirt on an opponent, I`d really take it with a grain of salt.  Suspecting that it would be false and setting my campaign up to look foolish in some way. 

But what good would Russian information do to Trump in helping him?  "Hillary is a crook, murder Web Hubbel, the blood run up hill, she made $100,000 first and only time she traded cattle futures"    Yaaaaaaawn!  was there anyone under a rock that didn`t know all the dirt on Hillary???  That was her selling point that the Clintons had known dirt and the selfish Democrats didn`t care and would vote for her anyway.

So, Russia would say what and Trump would handle it how?   I mean what would shock anymore if Hillary had sex with dead aborted babies??  And then Trump was sopposed to say "I got information from Russia that Hillary had sex with aborted babies".  Don Lemon and CNN wouldn`t care, they`d attack Trump and say get a credible source like Alex Jones and Democrat voters would say "we don`t care, we get free healthcare!". 

See, what possible good could come from Russian information?  I can`t even come up with a scenario that could possible have helped Trump, and I have a very active imagination, just ask anyone Smiley Happy

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Re: QPac poll

Guess thats why Hillary lost, paying Russians for dirt on Trump and all.