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Question for libs

Is putin more of a threat to world peace than iran?

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Re: Question for libs

Follow up question, if it is wrong for Russia to question what type of weaponry Ukraine has, why is it ok for the USA to question the type of weaponry Iran has?


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Re: Question for libs

Would Ukraine hitting Russia's flagship in the black sea support their concerns for Ukraine's domestic missile development?  

The clowns couldn't wait to report the strike without realizing they were proving Russia's point.  

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Re: Question for libs

Who plays Ed Buck and the 2 black gay guys he killed in this made for TV movie and will Hilary Barrack and pencil neck and Ted Lieu have any cameo's like it's an episode of Veep or West Wing??


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Re: Question for libs

Question for rw, does tanning your balls hurt?

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Re: Question for libs


It is reported in multiple sites that the UK has recently given the Ukrainians, American made anti-ship Harpoon Missiles (a.k.a. Carrier killers).

If true, and if two of them were used to sink the Russian Moskva, then we may have just graduated to a new level of belligerency for this Eastern European war. A war that still contains no apparent American vital strategic interests.

[File under: Stumbling & Bumbling our way into WW III.]


So R,

The better question today might be to ask, is Putin more of a threat to peace than is our own dementia driven President Joe Biden along with his overly eager war advisors of Blinken, Sullivan, Austin, Harris, Milley, Wray (FBI), Susan Rice, Thomas-Greenfield, Granholm, Buttigieg, and Burns(CIA)?