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Veteran Advisor

Re: RE: MS Obama and diet

Stigma??  What stigma?  When and where did I mention STIGMA?  You haven't a clue.  Why don't you use the built in search program on your computer??  Below is the link to the school meal program manual.  Read through it.  I don't doubt that many school kids now qualify for free or reduced cost meals at school with all the unemployed out there.  But again I see your logic--kids don't produce so screw'em!  Have a good life!

Re: RE: MS Obama and diet

I don't need the pdf, they send the forms home with the kids every year. They don't enforce the requirements. The schools don't care, they want you to put down as low an income as you wish, they get more money that way. I don't need to Google it. I've talked to our schools administrators about it.
bruce MN
Veteran Advisor

Re: RE: MS Obama and diet

The 1099 idea is a good one. I wonder if it's ever been proposed anywhere?


I'd expect if you were somehow able to get the recipient AND processor/servicer fraud out of most govt. porgrams you'd find them to be considerably more affordable and less controversial as they would be today. Medicare comes first to mind.


As for spin on the matter, too much of what is thought of as govt. spending is carrictured by Regan's "welfare queens" when the big bucks that go out teh door are seen as for rightous puposes such as for national defense when it is actually for body guarding colonialists.

Red Steele
Senior Contributor

Total Transparency

All levels of government should be transparent.....a full accounting of where taxpayer money goes should be available, and published, just like Cook did with the EWG site with farm payments.


If a local millionaire has his aged mother sign over all her assets, and goes on county support, let her name be published and let the whole area know. Shame is a powerful force and would quickly balance our state and local budgets.


If an unmarried couple is getting benefits that a married couple doesn't get, such as the earned income credit , or double social security benefits for older people living in sin....put it out there....let  the whole community know about it.


If the US government gives some despotic regime money, publish it.

BA Deere
Senior Contributor

Here Here! Red

Put up a web site with the amount of everyone`s social security check and how much medicare paid for their last toe nail trimmin`.

Senior Contributor

Re: Total Transparency

HeXX, I think it should be required to publish   in local county papers names and  amounts  recieved in farm subsidies along with  10 year amnout  as they do  with unpaid  property taxes.   AMEN  RED . Lets get transparent on where that govt  money is going.    Why don't you bring that up to your congress person and senator  as a requirement of recieving govt farm money.