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RINO rats jumping

“Bob” might be right 4ch and QA might soon be all that’s left for true believers to believe.
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Re: RINO rats jumping

Well look around, the "Ned Flanders" type Republican has disappeared, America has to look in the mirror and see the tattoos such, we aren`t walking around like a dapper Humphery Bogart anymore.  The folks that voted for Trump are sick of phonies, in many cases they would`ve voted for a George Bush, but they saw how free trade and open borders was screwing them.   .."Eric Erickson" did his parents really want him beaten up on the playground? or was it like Johnny Cash`s "Boy named Sioux" to toughen him up?   Look, I went along will the Ned Flanders Republicans for gun issues, but when offered the opportunity to support someone that also gets trade and immigration right, I`ll have to go with the candidate that checks the most of my boxes.


Maybe it`s time the republican party evolves into people that look like me a undercover cop in a vice raid.  Smiley Happy 

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Re: RINO rats jumping

"RINO rats" Just how is it you can insult those on the right and not get some time off?


Ishmael needs to correct those that are the cause of troubles here.

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Re: RINO rats jumping

Night of the Long Knives.


The Trump/4chan/Qanon folks making their move for absolute control of the GOP.