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Re: Rachel Maddow

@bruce MN wrote:

I've seen it a couple of times. Heck of a documentary. As for the cooling, I beleive that the show mentioned that the concrete is still cooling to this day and will for considerable decades longer.


The holdup on good projects is part of the myth and legend that is winger speak. If they are held up it is for a reason. If they are BAD projects, and are held up it's because they are BAD projects. It's been that way through the last quarter of  a century of more. From Nixon on through Obama. Actually easing up under Obama who is rapidly proving to be the best Republican President we've had since Coolidge. All of these people here and elsewhere who are calling him a socialist and anti-business obviously don't read the paper or watch the news. (Unless, of course, it's something else about him.......and they feel compelled to make ^^^^ up.)


The really hard to believe  part of this all is that all of thse these little people of teh same essential status as you and me, these people who are protected by projects not being shabby (see China until it simply became unbearable and they decided it would be easier to regulate and inspect than having to execute architects and  engineers and contrators all the time) are again carrying  water for that SOB  in W. Va who keeps dropping coal mine ceilings on people,. and the Kochs who want virtually no emmission standards.


God only knows what the history of this era is going to read like.


Don said ..KUDOS to don...said it best in the other post about this gang of GOP'ers building an interstate system ot of 2 lane gravel roads.

Driving on 2 lane gravel roads are all we are going to need when we end up driving algore's ox carts everywhere.   I suppose that we might end up taking those bike trails and start putting railroad tracks on them again.


One more hell freezes over moment

Findng myself agreeing with you once again:


"I suppose that we might end up taking those bike trails and start putting railroad tracks on them again"


Not sure if it is teh case everywhere, but around here that's what many of them once were. Lets go for it. All over the country.





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Re: Rachel Maddow

Bruce can you tell us more about the farmer who held up completion of I-90. I have googled and turn up no info. I do not remember hearing anything about it at the time. Just curious to hear more of the story. Thanks.