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Re: Racist Irishmen?

Having devolved into 50’s style grade school playground/school bus level.


How t always stuck on people going forward,, and made them stupid, but concretely committed:

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Re: Racist Irishmen?

What`s really behind this is, President trump started the tradition of calling the Gold Star families personally and until the congresswoman with all hat and no brains, there were no complaints.  


Any of us that have lived any amount of time can recall saying something at a difficult time and wishing you said it better or afraid what you said was taken the wrong way.  And the more funerals that one attends, what can you say without being cliché?  "Oh he`s in a better least he didn`t suffer...." we`ve all said and heard that stuff dozens of times meeting the family of a deceased person.   You want to try and say something profound and unique, but the truth is funerals suck and to lose a loved one sucks.


I doubt anyone is stupid enough to believe the president purposely tried of offend a widow of a fallen soldier, that is where the politics comes in.  We don`t know the widow`s politics or lack of, so she is innocent regardless, she`s lost enough.  But this congresswoman picking up the reins is about as low politics as you get and the media blows it out of proportion.  If someone doesn`t like the president, they shouldn`t take his phone call...treat it like a telemarketer, it`s America and that`s our right.

Re: Racist Irishmen?

Huck’s girl would be pleased to know that somebody seems to be buying what she’s selling:

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Re: Racist Irishmen?

The media is proving they can stay irrational longer than we have to keep having to daily "disprove negatives".  See, we squash the cackling cowgirl and the media moves on with a different angle of "but but but Obama called some Gold Stars toooo"  "But but but Trump didn`t send a check..."   "But but but Mike Pence called the one family..".


Bottomline, yes if someone isn`t a fan of the president to begin with, there is no winning or coming out even in making a phone call or writing a check..."The call wasn`t long enough and the check wasn`t big enough and quick enough", perhaps that is why it hasn`t been a tradition with previous presidents? 

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Re: Racist Irishmen?

When a friend died racing I heard one person say well he died doing what he loved.


I thought it was stupid, I doubt he loved getting crushed in a car and then burning up.  However people often say stupid things at funerals and other places when they are just at a loss of what it right to say.


I've another friend that gets incensed when people talk and laugh after the funeral.  He feels everybody should sit around and look somber.  I've tried to explain that people are remembering the good times but he has his opinion and nobody else counts.


Sometimes we're all like that.


And of course there's nothing like taking things out of context to hurt somebody you don't like.

Re: Racist Irishmen?

Everybody knows that Irish Americans are among the most racist groups in America, particularly those who are still connected to their traditional communities.


There's an historical reason for that- they faced tremendous discrimination as immigrants and only managed to survive by making sure they were one rung above black people. They took control of the city governments, the democratic party and the unions and used those as vehicles to advance their people.


Somewhere along in the post-WWII period they officially became white people, but the old attitudes die hard.

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Re: Racist Irishmen?

(Everybody knows that Irish Americans are among the most racist groups in America, particularly those who are still connected to their traditional communities.)


Hope you are not planning to go all Maxine Waters on Irish Americans?

Maybe your just trying to stick up for the "STOP THE HAMMERING" guy.

O'Donnell loves white house leaks, but leak his freak-out video and your fired.

Re: Racist Irishmen?

What I wrote is simply true, with the context of how that came to be. Check out South Boston during school desegregation, or the NY draft race riots during the Civil War.


I'm pretty open to trying to understand the historical context of peoples' racism.


For me, I don't think I have much standing to be racist. I grew up thinking that, well, this is just the folks who settled around here. The truth is a lot more complicated. Indiana generally enforced the policy of returning escaped slaves (the Quakers in the eastern part of the state, a part of the underground railroad being an exception), and was pretty generally hostile to black people as a whole. There are some enclaves of black folks in Indy, the Chicago region, some of the old rust belt towns in the east etc. but it isn't a major political force.


"We" have run this state for a long time, really don't have a large urban "problem" like Illinois and Michigan and "those people" aren't really a big problem for us.


I also have some understanding for farmers and rural folks in places like IL and MI where they do have larger urban populations and it affects their politics, and lives.


But that isn't going away either. We're all captive to history and the chance of where we are. And we can move to Montana should we choose.

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Re: Racist Irishmen?

If you people want to see how unhinged the Irish
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