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Veteran Advisor

Rand Paul, on the issues

click on the issues you are concerned with, and see his views.


The guy appears to be spot on for most of the issues.

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Honored Advisor

Re: Rand Paul, on the issues

He`s a good man, probably a hair better than Ted Cruz.  But the establishment want a Jeb Bush to cover their bets on whatever Democrat turd floats to the top, just in case the electorate might be inclined to vote Republican in 2016.

Veteran Advisor

Re: Rand Paul, on the issues

a group of people like Rand Paul is what we need to get back towards the center in America.


We have fallen so far that a moderate RINO like Mitt Romney is made out to be a robber baron from the 19th century come to life.


How much exactly was John D Rockefellar paying in taxes back then?