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Rangel stiffs the taxpayers

He is all for helping people as long as he uses other people's money. He is one of the above the law elites that can't be expected to dirty his hands with the peasants. The only reason they exist is to cast their votes and those of their dead relatives from him. What a cess pool.



New York City’s longest-serving congressman won’t pay his rent.

State taxpayers were stiffed out of at least $87,000 when Rep. Charles Rangel stopped paying for the district office he rents in Harlem’s Adam Clayton Powell Jr. State Office Building, records ­obtained by The Post show.

His staffers’ excuse? They lost the lease, according to state Office of General Services correspondence.

“I finally heard back from Congressman Rangel’s office and it seems we haven’t gotten the signed lease back because they lost it!” OGS real-estate specialist Sydney Allen wrote in a July 30, 2013, e-mail to a colleague that was ­obtained by The Post.

Rangel paid $7,253 in monthly rent on the 125th Street office he has rented since 2000, expense reports from 2012 show. But the payments stopped for all of 2013.

Incredibly, instead of demanding payment of the back rent and late fees from its deadbeat legislative tenant, the state cut him a huge rent break.

The state says it allowed Rangel in March 2013 to enter into a new sweetheart deal in which he could postpone paying six months of rent. That “abatement” money has still not been paid, nor has the other six months of missed rent from 2013, a OGS official said.

The state comptroller approved a $101,000 lease between Rangel and OGS on Dec. 26, 2013, retroactively covering the period back to April 2013 and future months through December 2014, records show. The 21-month deal resulted in a deeply reduced rent of $4,809 a month.

When The Post last week inquired about the year of missing rent, Rangel’s office and OGS blamed federal sequestration, not the lost lease referenced in agency correspondence

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Re: Rangel stiffs the taxpayers

He is not worried, they will still vote for him for reelection.

Senior Contributor

Re: Rangel stiffs the taxpayers

If I did that, I'd be evicted.   I bet if they'd evict him, they'd somehow be racist.


Re: Rangel stiffs the taxpayers

there is a way and means for everything Smiley Happy