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Rape Rape Rape

anyone starting to see a pattern developing here? Just like the Russia Russia Russia witch hunt, as it fades away, and the know it alls that were predicting a Donald Trump in a prison jump suit are moving on to more of their great insights, in two weeks, it will be as if they never even heard of this troubled Democrat woman, attacking  a decent man, as if to atone for the scores of men she actually did sleep with. Pitiful.


Was this the last hurrah ?

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Re: Rape Rape Rape

In the 2000 election the Democrats chanted "hanging chad hanging chad hanging chad", I know a couple "Chads" and I felt sorry for them that the Democrats wanted to hang them   🙂


There are a lot of side issues here that would be called "inadmissible" but this isn`t a court, Kavanaugh`s mother was the judge over Professor Blasey-Ford parent`s bankruptcy, there are many reasons there could be a feud that`s being settled here. 


All these theatrics leading up to the testimony "will she or won`t she???" we have to remember she is a professor of psychology, she knows how to manipulate people...that is her job helping people overcome that.   So, I expect a very moving testimony, she seems to be playing this up for maximum effect...she isn`t some "Tammy Wynette" baking cookies.   And she`s lawyered up with that very partisan Katz woman that raked Paula Jones over the coals, seems the Katz woman is partisan on who she represents.  


The thing is, if a senator votes against Kavanaugh, they are essentially saying "I believe you are a rapist!"  Even if the senator have legitimate problems with Kavanaugh as a judge, now that this has been politicized, it has morphed into a "criminal trial" with each senate vote a vote to either ruin his life or set him free and the liberals taking personal pot shots at him for the next 30 years that he serves on the court.   Sad? Youbetcha.

Re: Rape Rape Rape

would you care for a few more feet of rope?

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Re: Rape Rape Rape

Psychology majors all seem to hang on to the "psycho" even if they lose the "ology". I have known a few and they never seem to be on a plumb line if you get my drift.


I read that her parents had a house foreclosed on, and Brett Kavanaugh's mother was the judge that signed the foreclosure papers, but was there a bankruptcy involved, too?


A self admitted promiscuous alcoholic accuser, a sexual assault case without an actual assault....a lack of supporting witnesses , a political agenda....hmmmm. An accusation of somesort of crime without a crime.


Tell me again, why was a 15 yr old girl running around at an alcoholic party in a swimsuit? Maybe she will clear that up when she finally testifies after spending the next three weeks in a car trying to find Potomac avenue.


I say, just go ahead with the vote and tell the Diane Feinsteins of the world to crawl back into their hole.