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Re: Floor Talk, March 12, 2019

So Mike............Ask Al Klius about the Roebke Plan.......For he knows me well....and share this with the Floor also......Alan


I want US Farmers and Taxpayers to understand as corn and soybean prices continue to struggle because of Chinese Tariffs and a big crop. There is a NO COST Farm Policy Option for our Farmers to use, called the Roebke (REB-KEY) Plan! That Congress can simply attach to the 2018 Farm Bill or President Trump can administer as a executive order to support farm prices immediately and for the length of Five Year 2018 Farm Bill. While also reducing ARC, PLC and other Farm payments by at least $20 Billion over the term of the 2018 Farm Bill.


The Roebke option also moves all nationwide E-10 gasoline pumps to E-11 immediately! Which consumes an additional 550 million bushel of corn per marketing year and lowers gasoline prices at the pump by 1 cent/gallon. The option also raises USDA 9 month commodity inventory loan collateral amounts by about 1.70% for all USDA supported crops for the length of the 2018 Farm Bill. For the commodity loan increases in the Farm Bill conferee’s report added to the 2018 Farm bill are not high enough and could be very costly to Taxpayers! Plus the loan increases in the present Farm Bill are not available for the 2018 crop! While the “Roebke Plan” gives farmers presently storing un-priced 2018 crops immediate cash flow! Plus sound price support for the next Five years and time for sound marketing management to cover real cost of production without more subsidies from US Taxpayers just like Sugar Policy has delivered for almost 4 decades now!


So USDA corn loans move to $3.50/bu., Wheat to $5.00/bu. and Soybeans to $8.50/bu. for all USA Farmers no matter which state they produce USDA covered crops! This also allows US Farmers the right to extend the above loan option for a additional 9 months on up to 25% of their historical crop production as a crop marketing reserve!!!! It’s no cost to taxpayers, for these loans are recourse loans and have a 1% higher annual interest rate than present USDA loans, that are really only used by Sugar and Peanuts today! So it’s out there Farmers and Taxpayers, as Congress, Universities and Farm Groups fail to address the needs of both Farmers and Taxpayers! ........Thanks Alan Roebke Alexandria MN