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Re: Floor Talk, March 12, 2019



The Roebke Plan supports markets, not Subsidies, as the 2014 and 2018 Farm Bill did/does.  You Farmers have never had a chance to use powerful re-coarse loans, which puts pressure on Chicago and you to take a profitable price when offered above your cost of production!


You supporters of E-15 don't face or understand it's reality.  The E-15 rule only makes E-15 available year round.  E-15 is a very small part of the Ethanol market and the power of ethanol is E-10 mandate and the needed to bring gasoline octane to 87 for all cars new and old. So moving to E-11 or E-12 is really the best policy for both Taxpayers and Farmers!   


For if all gasoline pumps pumped E-15 and not E-10 the 2018 corn crop carryover would be at a minus 940 million bills.  You Farmers have allowed the EXPERTS too really give you the snow job on proper CCC Loan rates and bad info on  E-15!


JMO----The Roebke Plan forces no one to take it but enough Farmers will, to show you all it's POWER, for meaningful prices without Subsidies!  Just like Sugar Policy has worked for almost 40 years..........Thanks Alan