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Re: Floor Talk, March 12, 2019

SW, Read the Roebke Plan slowly and put the loan rates in your 2019 cash flow for Corn and Soybeans.  Suddenly your cash flow works without selling anything and you have time to see what happens with China and the planting season through Harvest!!!


The loan rate is the same for all locations in USA Farm Country!  It's $3.50 for Corn and $8.50 for Soybeans, right at a 2.43 balanced ratio for both CROPS. 


Think about it all of you and ask Why is Successful Farming and Farm Doc afraid to ask Congress too let's offer it and see if it works?  You see we have no Ag Reporters today, only English major controlling the Public and Print airways!  Call Gil Gullickson and see if he's man enough to write about a proven option!  He knows me too, just like Al Kluis, and APAC's Daryl Ray and Harwood, all Chickens who want you to give away your EGGS!!! Thanks Alan  

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Re: Floor Talk, March 12, 2019

Do you know Alan Harold Roebke?

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Re: Floor Talk, March 12, 2019

You mean the convicted felon?  Something to do with government loan on grain? Was that the original Roebke Plan?