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Re: Market Thoughts From Chicago

WCMO---------Your logical thoughts are much appreciated.  For that is the key to get Farm Policy moved from Subsidies to real price support, which is what the Roebke Plan is all about!  Just like Sugar Policy has been for almost 40 years now, with no cost to Taxpayers! 


For a $3.50/bu. corn loan and $8.50 for Soybean is logical support for both North and South America today.  Also remember four countries export 90% of the worlds Soybeans!  Logic says it's time Congress and the Secretary is award of this!  For you and Readers here are understanding the logic of the Roebke Plan now and need to bring it to more Farmers.  Which means land Grant Colleges and AG Media outlets must wake up to this proven reality!   


Remember, only 25% of the these re-coarse loans can be extended for another 9 months, with at least 75% of the bushels being paid back after nine months and the interest rate is 1% over CCC costs.  Which means the CCC has a margin for some losses which will be few.  For the rates are not too high with today's costs, both here and Globally.


WCMO, your leadership here now needs to turn to the AG Media.  To cover this logical NO COST option and give Farmers a chance to test it right now for themselves, which they will!  Chairman Peterson and Roberts need to be brought on board with a hearing on the Roebke Plan ASAP.........Thanks Much WCMO/Readers.......Alan