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Re: Push Bids

/—\______________like that wall Mexico paid for. As well as that tax break 0000000000.1.
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Trouble in Illinois?

Just saw where the number one state for exits was Illinois....more people leaving Illinois than any of the other 50 states in the union. Even more than California or New York. What do you think is up with that?


Personally, I love the fact that Trump has cracked down on Mexico and is bringing business back into the much so that many positions need to be filled with help wanted signs up all over. This will enable the USA to possibly even expand legal immigration. 


As far as the tax cuts and reform go, I love the new tax plan that rewards people that make money and have kids. (Notice the connection of the two). Great plan and a sharp reversal to the trajectory of the previous 50 plus years.


If you need to troll, there is a where you can go and freely speak your mind and share your thoughts.


Freedom of speech in America is still worth fighting for as the peaceful exchange of ideas is a necessary pillar to support our constitutional republic.