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bruce MN

Reading and thinking I'd really like to be a Republican...

....those danged pie in the sky, idealist, utopian liberals and their goofy overkill rules!!!  What's the number of the county GOP chair again?  I gotta change my registration and he'd know how I could do it.


 And then I finished the article and realized what it was about...lobbies and money in politics and their overiding ability to squeeze out all sense and justice out of anything.  NO different than big manure dumps making it somehow necessary to enact rules and regs making it a crime to haul 40 bu of dried composted horse dung in the middle of a flat frozen field which would ultimatley make you more than anything just give in and sell your horses .  Starts out as a good intnetion, the "playahs" fight enough to make the regulators go comprehensive cookie cutter...and why does it all happen that way?  Because the big dog knows that the little dogs can't play with those costs which can be absorbed marginally through scale.


This piece from teh Mpls paper is an exceptional example of what corporatism has become in our society.  And the corps have t so well scooped and splattered that after a few paragraphs it had a died in the wool Dem like me ready to jump shi.....until I settled down enough to absorb what they were trying to say:

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Re: Reading and thinking I'd really like to be a Republican...

In Iowa it`s against the law to kiss longer than 5 minutes.