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Re: PS

(No, but different subject. Start a new post. I won't let you sideline this subject.)

Kinda like old senile covid joe won't let the FDA sideline his dictatorial covid vaccine booster order?

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Re: PS

I ask why because no matter how much proof is presented you will stick your fingers in your ears and go nananana nananana. Then go into sargent Schultz mode and claim I see nothing.

This is why your meme is not funny. Good humor is based in reality. Your meme is not.

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Re: PS

no. Only like what I said. Start a new post. 

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Re: PS


What part of my post are you saying is not true?

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fraud invalidates election

57000 invalid votes in Maricopa.

Votes counted in mass after poll watchers were told counting was done for the day in Atlanta.  On tape batches of Votes run over and over.

Fraud in Detroit, fraud in Milwaukee, phillie, courts won't even Look at the evidence.

The fact that Joe and hunter are in shady deals all over the world censored and suppressed by law enforcement and media.

Duck jo biden lost.  

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57000 reasons

Knapper, next time read the actual report and don't just listen to a biased news report. American Pravda doesn't get you the facts, and makes you look like a fool or a sheep or both.

Hope this helps.

and as far as a proprietor's interest in any post, and dictating who can respond and what they can post about, hey, good luck with that. After years of Tick Tock hijacking posts with her disgusting and profane remarks, you should know better and accept this forum for what it is.

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Re: PS

In other headline news:

Trump Snipe Hunt Bagged Nothing. Fishing Derby Began Immediately After Hunt Conclusion.
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Re: PS

There is nothing even remotely anomalous about the election data out of Detroit.

Lower turnout than 08 or 12, a bit better than 16. Trump did a tad better than he did in ‘16. Trump lost MI in the suburbs around Detroit and Grand Rapids.

But Just Know!

And Antrim County!!!!!

What a bunch of loons.