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Senior Advisor

Real conspiracy theories

even bat***** crazy stuff like QAnon can have some thin basis in fact, or at least they can point to some actual curious incidents.

There is Epstein, of course. That was always one of those "file it away" things, as far as waiting to see if an explanation as to why the Bush DOJ overrode local authorities and gave him the deal of the century ever emerged. The case reemerged only because of some great reporting from the MSM Miami Herald. Shall we say that more questions have been raised since, than answered? Stay Strong, Ghislaine!

Well connected Republican Jerry Sandusky, of course. But the only really curious matter there was the still unsolved disappearance of the DA who'd not brought charges on previous allegations. Coincidences do happen, but DAs disappearing without a trace isn't a common occurrence either.

And The Franklin Case, in Nebraska. I've never been able to determine that there was any basis for the story but you can say that some vulnerable kids got chewed up and spit out, one way or the other. Curious facts surrounding the case include the involvement of Boys Town, which is affiliated with a global child sex coverup ring. And the fact that the NE Senate investigator died in a private plane accident and the the briefcase containing materials he'd collected was never recovered.