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Re: Real documented Collusion in Government

Splitting  hairs  over  collusion,  is  minor , against  several  Million$  of  tax  evasion ,  while  a  foreign  agent ,  would  be  called -   a  Sunday  School  gathering  event - ?   


What  is  the  glamour  of  white  collar  crime - while  the  chants  of  lock  her  up ,  become  such  KARMA  - ?  

Advisor SD

do liberals even believe a crime was committed back then? perhaps littering?

Veteran Advisor

Re: SD

Sioux Falls  deal  is horrible,  criminal action  ,  does  that  make  anything  except  murder,  to  be  a  free  pass   -  maybe ? 


Treason  should  not  be  a  punishable  crime,  or  deals  like Northern  Natural  Gas  -  Enron  acceptable  - maybe ? 

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Re: Real documented Collusion in Government

So it has been so secret and covered up for several years that only that bastion of unbiased disclosures “The Red State” decided to show and tell. Unfortunately, I didn’t read or see any proof of what they reported. A whole lot of he said, she said! Why wasn’t any thing done. The justice department can’t shut down treason nor would they.

Re: Is that supposed to be a joke?

More competent people working on it might help.


But more than that I sincerely believe that there might have been more risk in “going there” than there was a chance of successfully prosecuting anything.  One can’t begin to count the holes in the line that opened up for the likes of Nunes etc only to see them take a knee.


The cut and run leaving of the ship by Gowdy is sort of the verification gold standard on that being the case more often than not.


And As with so many other RW matters, the myth and lingering suspicions are so much more valuable politically than any resolution of anything could ever be.  You don’t want the base suddenly saying “Oh. Is that what it was?  And?”.


And re. All of that



Matt Whittaker


Re: Real documented Collusion in Government

Been saying that here at every opportunity for over 2 years.  


Senior Contributor

that's not really what you say

Mostly you say that the lack of pursuit from the R's is proof it didn't happen.


Good to see you're admitting the democrats are exceptionally corrupt.

Senior Contributor

Re: Real documented Collusion in Government

Among the reasons why we need to avoid the road to a totalitarian socialist state,  these people will accept any amount of corruption so long as it furthers the goal of socialism.   That's how gulags are created and trenches full of murdered people.


Re: that's not really what you say

Nope.  Lindsay is getting after it. Trying to find out, I guess.  Picking up the baton from the departed Gowdy, I suppose.


I have no clue as to why nobody a year or more ago before the House flipped didn’t.


Unless, of course.......


The good stuff should last forever tho’.  No matter what gets officially addressed.  Will live on with the political wonks and nerds on the right, likely for infinity.  


It’s looking though, from Trump’s biker statement and the goings on in ,  that the most committed of the universal base is going down a different path.