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Realism about Bernie Sanders

Good discussion about how Mr. Sanders would have done in a general election.


White people as a new reliable minority voting block is an interesting observation.


Some good thoughts on both sides, with the elephant in the room being the opposition folders on Bernie of a couple of thousand pages.


A guy that was on welfare for much of his life becoming POTUS and ushering in welfare for all 24-7....probably not a very good sell outside of young kids wet behind the ears.

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Re: Realism about Bernie Sanders

I`m sure the Nox types will lament the "toooo bad Bernie didn`t run, he`da won in a landslide!".  I don`t think so, being a old Jewish guy he looks like the Black`s landlord, and to the successful "left leaners" they would secretly scared of his tax rates, Bernie would`ve gotten less votes than Hillary.  


Those so batpoop crazy hating Trump, watching SNL and Stephen Colbert, those jackasses already voted for Hillary and would vote a straight Dem ticket regardless.  This is the Dem problem, I don`t see their craziness winning any new voters, sure they make each other crazier but they`re still each only "one vote".   If anything their bizzarro behavior will chase away they few moderately sensible Dems that are left in the party.

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Re: Realism about Bernie Sanders

If you want to see how progressive policies work look to any large city in America.