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Reasons to kill fossil fuels

The precarity of supply of a depleting finite resource is a strong number two after climate and huge non-climate scale environmental harm.

But there's also a reason why they call oil The Devil's Tears. Almost everywhere, it creates corruption and violence. It supports the murderous Putin and MBS regimes and they're not even the worst. Even in relatively civilized UK and Netherlands, BP and Shell are awful, terrible, good for nothing corporations.

In the US the fossil fuel sector has always been populated with extreme reactionary figures and it is currently the bankroller and central pillar of the fascist movement.

It won't go away anytime soon, regardless of policy, but it won't be soon enough.

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Re: Not to mention, holding us hostage.

Nobody can possibly think that our dependence on fossil fuels and the corrupting power of the fossil fuel industry is a good thing.  Essentially our democracy is held hostage all the time.  The energy from the Sun is essentially free, inexhaustible and available to anyone who owns a little land, even the wind is indirect solar energy.

  The best thing that could happen to this country is the energy independence, and the resulting political independence that comes from the wide scale implementation of renewables. 

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Re: Not to mention, holding us hostage.

In the parlance here, “communist” means anyone opposed to the Koch Network agenda.

Guess I are one.

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Re: Reasons to kill fossil fuels

(Reasons to kill fossil fuels)

Boycott fossil fuels, just like you boycotted farmers 😃

But first you may want to check out the list of products that use fossil fuels.

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Re: Not to mention, holding us hostage.

Koch money goes to the dems.