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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Red...Goofy Unchained

Boris, Minnesota does not have a revenue problem. Period.


If we cannot agree on that, we can not agree on even the color of the sky on a clear day.


Having said, that, when you can drive on a well traveled road such as Highway 60 and find many potholes where a basketball would fit on a regular basis, there is a road problem, or perhaps a MN DOT problem.


Instead of spending time and resources trying to make a political point against a prominent Republican family and business entity, namely the Davis family, perhaps the resources of the MN DOT could have been better utilized otherwise.

Re: Red...Goofy Unchained

60 is pretty good from Eagle Lake Westward, except for a short stretch East of Mt; Lake that is still 2 lane. East from the 14 turnoff is a special kind of problem.  It can't be expanded.  14 and 19 offer enough of an alteranative for most destinations that it will probalby remain a patchwork project forever.


HIhway 30 West from 15 to the border a much better example of a sorely in need of repair highway.  Except for now it's come to where hardly anybody uses it, as the paralell county roads in Cottonwood and Watonwan Counties are much better.


Do you ever drive 4 from Sleepy Eye North to I-94?  Another total disaster.  And much avoided with, again, decent alternatives.


Anyway, twih all of that aside, the Governor is talking about a back door solution to public trasportation funding.  unashamedly and transparently.  Guy's got 'em, like him or not.