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bruce MN

Red. This might be of interest

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Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Red. This might be of interest

Interesting about the date of the name change...1492.  I know that its fashionable to bash Christopher Columbus, and his barbaric handling of the "conversion" of American natives to Christianity, by the sword, but you have to place the man in his times. Spain had just wrestled control of their pennisula back from Muslim armies, and was fighting fire with fire. "turn the other cheek" is a fine way for a polite society to function, but it was not an effective strategy against a culture such as the Islamic wave of those times, or probably of our own times as Daniel Pearl would attest to.


The American natives were up against a backlash that had started with driving the Moors back from their European entrenchments, and the Jewish population was caught up in that movement too, as you were either "with the CHurch, or against it."  The Spanish Jews evidentally were given options...conversion, emigration, or death. Hitler and Eichmann were  not so kind.