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bruce MN

Red....did you get your paper this morning?

The strib editorial staff. Headed up by rock solid conservative Tice:
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bruce MN

Re: Red....did you get your paper this morning?

And Bloomberg? What's going on here?
Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Maybe Flip Saunders negotiated the trade

seems about as even a deal as trading the number two overall pick (Derrick Williams) for Luc (Imtheworstplayerinthenba) monte te muh.


Wolves would be in a nice place with Williams poised to take over for the deserting Kevin Love and a couple more first round draft choices in this deep draft.


Actually it's so lopsided that it  makes the Williams trade look good, in comparison.


Face it, anyone with any smarts would have Putin playing their poker hands, and not Obama, knowing what we know now. And that is undoubtably the way the rest of the world will bet. Guys like Nixon, Reagan, even Clinton were pretty shrewd. THis joker isn't.


We need a change at the top, and right now. Impeachment 2014....Now more than ever. Order your bumper stickers now...I have some for $25 each.