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Senior Contributor

Re: why dont they quit

if it is so bad why not quit---that should lock your starter--it is a good job to be paid to fail

BA Deere
Senior Contributor

Donald Socrates Kraft

Does the "S" stand for Socrates? Smiley Happy  I haven`t been bashing Teachers or their union, not that I`m above doing just that Smiley Happy   What I am saying is the Teaching profession is the poster boy for escaping the ravages of inflation.  Farmers have either gotten very productive or have had to call the Auctioneer. The fact that farming is capital intensive, I see no reason to have shame for past subsidies. Representative Hartzler should not be put on the spot as to what a farm bill should look like 2012 is a long ways off in terms of grain prices. Farm subsidies are a red herring to the whole deficit cutting debate, the gov`t spending more in 3 days. There are real dollars burning and farm subsidies aren`t even the penny jar.

BA Deere
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Re: You should be RED FACED BA

You hang in there Red Buddy.  These liberals have had 50, 60 years of liberalism spoon fed to them, it`s like telling the kids there`s no Santy Claus. They come into these debates with preconceived ideas of us Conservatives, when they see we`re not so different, we only understand life better. I really can see the walnut is planted, it grows slow but strong. Afterall, they`ve made it this far once they see the errors of their past, they`ll thank us.

Veteran Advisor

Re: You should be RED FACED BA

@BA Deere wrote:

Hey Canuck, let`s say in 1980 a Teacher was making a okay living at $10k, teaching 25 students for 9 mo/yr driving 1 mile to work. His salary would buy 3400 bu of corn at the elevator.

Jump 30 years to 2010 and that Teacher is making $50k/yr teaching 25 students 9mo/yr driving 1 mile to work. His 2010 salary would buy 9,000 bushels or 5,600 bushels more than 1980.

Compare all that to a Farmer who in 1980 would save back a 3200bu government bin for his living expense. Let`s look what happens in 2010 if he kept that same 3200 bushels for his living expenses....He would only have $17,600 to live on.  To keep up with the Teacher he would need to nearly fill a 10,000 bin! Unless we go back 5 or 6 years ago with $1.45 corn, then he`d need almost (3) 10,000 bushel bins. Point being the Farmer couldn`t rest on his laurels and keep the same standard of living as the Teacher did. To get back to the jist of Hobby`s post, No a farmer shouldn`t be embarrassed having taken farm subsides when comparing how other salaries have beaten inflation 2 and 3 fold. Get it now? Of course you don`t, but I tried.  Smiley Happy   

You may have tried but it is an effort to explain the unexplainable.

Economics does not make any difference how many tonnes of corn it takes to buy anything.

I person can produce more widgets now so the widgets are worth less than they use to be per unit. Less labour to produce therefore less cost.

That is why there are fewer farmers.

As I said you have to compare an accrual financial income statement to the teachers salary to have a true comparisson. Do that and you will have the teachers comlaining about the $40 some odd Billion that your government hands out to you farmers to add to already high incomes. 

Senior Contributor

Re: You should be RED FACED BA

Boy, Deerie. You have a really distorted view on what a teacher does to earn their money. 25 kids? You are obviously in a semi-induced coma. Your mathematics are totally skewed, my man. You have failed to take into account, the number of subjects/class room hrs. it's more like 180 kids a day. Truly my friend, you do not have what it takes to teach, you can't even get the math right.

Senior Advisor

Re: Donald S Kraft

It's not her chosen profession. Her profession is to educate the young and prepare them for life. It's at least as important as producing another bushel of corn.


What is ironic is that these numbskulls do not appreciate what they are doing.