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bruce MN

Red...looks like we are a pariah

Red all around us. With all of the talk from Red states about secession I'm wondering if we might not be better suited with Canada. Hope the newly seated GOP Congress gets the General economy heated up like they at they are going to. The windfall revenue with our exceptionally equitable system of taxation will allow our officials here in Minnie to keep up our infrastructure and business climate and continue to attract some of the world's more promising young people. Particulariilly young talented ones.
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Re: Red...looks like we are a pariah

Who is talking about seceeding now?  What does don say,  love it or pack your bags i think.

Red Steele
Veteran Advisor

Re: Red...looks like we are a pariah

This guy that I quote here is not going anywhere:



"I can tell you that the Republican Party is in so much better shape than it was two years ago," he said. "We have an opportunity to change this state from a purple state to a red state but it takes hard work. Our message needs to be one of hope. The time has come to stop being angry.

"Hold your heads high. The fight has just begun."


Mike McFadden in concession speech that never mentions little al