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Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

not a legal requirement but another "norm" bites the dust. Probably clears the way for the Trump Party to skip altogether and nominate Don Jr. in '24?

No doubt the Federalist boyz are way better'n me at figuring out an "originalist" argument but my limited knowledge says that The Founders didn't like parties, even if they all retreated into factions pretty quickly.

There is clearly nothing about parties in the Constitution. It would seem to me that if one of the two parties decides to just skip any pretense of broad representation then there is no reason to include the nominee on the general election ballot.

I'm not even remotely suggesting that will happen. I'm saying that there are multitudes of "norms" , large numbers of borderline illegal and a few out and out illegal and unconstitutional precedents being set.

Which you'd think only happens when one party thinks it will remain in power forever? Or, I guess knows that the Judicial firewall they've left in place will suddenly find fault in those things when the away team has the ball?

I've landed on the solution. Thanks for letting me think it through.

Pack the Court, and pack it with good solid judges.

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Re: Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

Yeah, whadabout......

This is just a more blatant progression of a general problem of the very irregular rules used by state parties. And I guess the constitutional law probably says that the parties have that right.

Although generally when you have a unique position that is only supported by tradition and norms, and not bedrock constitutional law, it is a good idea not to stretch it too far.

Don't know where The Federalists would go regarding legislation that forced some standardization of primaries among major parties. Anybody who's a native born citizen over 35 can run for President.

BTW, I recall now that the Constitutional argument that the MI GOP is making is that their Right to Association is being infringed upon by being limited to a third of the seats on the redistricting commission. They may get there with that, I don't know, because even though the 1/3 split between Ds Is and Rs is actually a bit favorable to their, who's to say?

I'll have to think harder about this, and in general- finding Constitutional methods to limit the powers of the two parties in a system that ever intend to be that.




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Re: Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

(Pack the Court, and pack it with good solid judges.)

Good solid judges?  Well that's subjective.  Good solid judge in your opinion or mine?


Re: Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

I'd say that people like Garland or Stevens clearly have the necessary scholarly background and a view of the world more closely aligned with the majority of Americans than the Federalist tribe.

That would include abortion and guns as far as the majority opinion goes. 

You may be worried that someone will come and take your grandchildrens' guns away but personal gun ownership is protected for a generation or two.


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Re: Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

Exactly, you consider a good solid judge to be a liberal activist judge, keep terminating those unborn heartbeats, open borders, don't turn non-citizen criminals over to ICE, etc. etc. etc.

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Re: Red states cancelling GOP presidential primaries

You've slaughtered your voting base while still in the womb. Now your only road to power is to import ILLEGAL aliens and you need the judges that give them amnesty. As I have said before, any society that kills it's young will not long survive. Now it has come to fruition for the dem party.


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I doubt that John Smithson left his fortune to America to promote communism.