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Re: Reed states benefit disproportionately from progressive policies

Well Nox, I can get up in a group of farmers and state "the government should get completely out of farming!" I wouldn`t get booed, some would applaud, I wouldn`t get beaten up in the parking lot.  That is totally different from the 1980`s when NFO loudmouths ruled the day, independent farmers were there but very quiet. 


It seems to me if you wanted government money, Hillary would`ve been your candidate..and it was for some commentator David Kruse pushed Hillary and still hates Trump, NCGA bigwig Pam Johnson hawked for Hillary but other than that, farmers and farm groups favor cutting the apron strings.


I think "Reed states" have more old goats collecting social security, where as the "blue coasts" have the young hipsters with their $1 million salaries doing very expendable jobs.  But it`s hip to watch Stephen Colbert and vote Democrat, right?