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Religious sexual predators

More religious believers who abuse young people.


"Being religious is not a guarantee of morality in society," said Nader, a BBC Persian viewer. "In certain cases, being religious provides protection against immoral and illegal behaviour."

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Re: Religious sexual predators



We have constitutional freedom of religion in this country.


But that should be limited to adults 21 and over, and not committing child abuse by forcing babies to be mutilated, scared and shocked with putrid water and made to sit in a pew every week because the parents are in a cult.


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Re: Religious sexual predators



The arrest of a police sergeant’s live-in boyfriend has reportedly launched a multi-agency probe into allegations that gay cops in upstate New York may have hosted or participated in sex parties attended by teens not old enough to drink booze or give consent.

Re: Religious sexual predators

I imagine it is a given that in every culture religious institutions, schools and any institution that work with young people have to deal with that problem.


The central question is how effectively it does or whether it is primarily concerned with protecting itself, i.e., whether the institution itself is more important than decency.


FWIW, the failures of Christendom's flagship outfit did more to harm the faith than a billion mooslims could have.

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Re: Religious sexual predators

Yes Nox, and now we will see if this does anything to harm the Muslim religion or the religious government in Iran.


Do you suppose the authroities will will do anything now the victims have gone public? or will they attack the victims as happens in many cases.

Re: Religious sexual predators

Hi Canuck,


Can't claim to be an expert on the Islamic State of Iran but it is a vary young and well educated population.


So perhaps if it isn't addressed it will have a bit of impact on the church's grip.