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Remembering Dagwood

This forum had a regular poster on here with the handle of Dagwood (Dagwud), that passed away eight years ago. Lots of wisdom, funny, fair, and gone too soon.

His obituary is here:

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Re: Remembering Dagwood

Dagwud is one of the posters in this "cyber family" that one vividly remembers, Dagwud had loving real family and friends as well.  He really knew how to push Don Kraft`s buttons   🙂  There was a bar over at Algona called "Dagwuds" I often wondered if his handle had anything to do with that, but never asked.

I probably stood 5 feet from him at Wieman`s consignment sale over at Meservy and never realized it.   54 was too early to be called home, but some of us accomplish our goodness sooner than others of us.   

Rest in Peace Dagwud.