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Re: Remembering how WW I began

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The origins of WW I and the muddied explanations that followed it are a point well taken. To this day, historians are not altogether in agreement as to why 9 million men had to die and centuries old empires had to be completely torn asunder. What exactly was so d*mn important in the summer of 1914 for what was to follow?


The best I can come up with (as a rank amateur historian) is that the original "Great War" was a clash of world empires (i.e. Germany, Russia, France, Britain...and to a lesser extent, America). All of the belligerents were led by political and military leaders whose formative years of experience and learning had occurred during the late 19th century. Unfortunately, few of them had anticipated just how deadly and costly early 20th century total war, waged by industrial super powers had actually become.


In historical hindsight, false pride, overconfidence, and contempt for their enemies caused many of them to make mistakes in their decision making processes. But, as leaders, they were not necessarily called upon to personally pay the highest price for their errors in judgment...if that makes sense?


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