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Remembering my dad

He has been gone four years last month and i cant help but remember a little song he taught me when I was very young.



When I was just a little boy and barely able to crawl

I raised up my little leg and peed again' the wall

I saw the steam and thought it was a fire

So, I raised up my llttle leg and peed a little higher

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BA Deere
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Re: Remembering my dad

Sorry for your loss John. My Dad passed away 8 years ago, June 25th. Not a day goes by without thinking about him.

gough whitlam
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Re: Remembering my dad

Tell me about it.

Senior Contributor

Re: Remembering my dad

My father was great mechanic and had a knack of figuring out a way to fix something, remove something or get at something when it looked like most would throw in the towel.   Now when I'm stumped with a repair I will often ask myself "What would dad do?"

Senior Advisor

Re: Remembering my dad

What I wouldn't give to once again hear those dreaded words of my dad...."You boys tear it up faster than I can fix it."