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Replacement theory

Worth recalling that until fairly recently, the GOP had a very solid case to at least compete with the two largest immigrant groups- Hispanics and Asians.

Until it became expedient to fire up the white base.

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Re: And it doesn't help that ....

.... by actively encouraging their own supporters not to get vaccinated they're killing off 1-2% of them as we speak.

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Re: And it doesn't help that ....

I kinda figger- and it is anybody'd guess- that we'll have about 1.5M excess deaths accumulated by the '22 election.

Probably not a net of more than 200-300k MAGAs who were likely to vote.

Although not insignificant when you're losing about 1M a year to the general demographic grind. And that's foremost generational, only secondarily racial or whatever you want to call it.

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Re: And it doesn't help that ....

Well, how many "Democrat) Mexicans and now I hear Haitians are coming over the border each day?  It makes me sick, I can`t even stand to hear THAT American death knell tally, but I`m sure it dwarfs the stubborn 75yr old Trump supporters who are breathing their last in the ICU.  They`re actually lucky and won`t have to witness how this horror movie ends.

What is lacking in these discussions is the definition of America`s golden era and what is the American dream?  I would argue America`s finest century was 1900-2000.  We went from man`s first powered flight to man walking on the Moon, won wars, survived and thrived the bad times.

The success quotient no doubt has race in the equation, the first 2/3rds of the 20th century had sensible sustainable immigration, the last third got progressively worse and morphed into today`s demographic disaster.   Axioms of "finish high school, have babies after you`re married, show up on time, stay late and work hard" are no longer need repeating as they`ve been broken so many times...the Kardashians are exhibit A. 

The trouble the Republican party has has nothing to do with their voters dying from Covid, it`s simply too many Carp and Bullheads were stocked in the formally good fishin` lake. 

My Republican friends lament that "we need a better message to reach voters" that is very naive.  Black Americans as a voting community are not going to become Candace Owens & Larry Elders.  Asian Americans as a voting block do not aspire to Michelle Malkin & Robert Kiyosaki.  The Republicans can`t compete with Santa Claus, no more complicated than that