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Report says we need to up our food growth rate

Today at the World Food Prize, the latest Global Agricultural Productivity report was released. They announced that we're not producing enough food to keep up with the growing population. Our total productivity is only rising by 1.72% per year, which won't feed everyone by 2050. 


Is this rate what you expected or were you guessing a higher/lower percentage? 

Check out this article for more information.

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Re: Report says we need to up our food growth rate

I think trendline yields have been going up 2% a year.  10 years ago, it was a big deal to raise 200 bushel per acre corn, now it`s common place and on less than ideal soil types.  Pro Farmer sampled their first 300 bushel per acre test.  300 bpa is the "new 200 bpa".  Plus there is alot of untapped potential yet in South America, places like Eastern Europe and Asia have alot of room to improve efficiency.


Something to also consider is the world is long over due for a pandemic plague, which would lower the expected "9 billion population by 2045".  Urban sprawl and depleted fresh water are equally if not greater future dilemmas than food production.  If the world pays us, we can and will have them swimming in food.

Re: Report says we need to up our food growth rate

That's an interesting way to look at those numbers. I didn't hear the presenters at the World Food Prize mention any factors that may take down any part of our population, so it's nice to hear a fresh perspective. By 2050, the GAP report forecasts that the agriculture industry will be using 89% of the world's water supply, which is an issue in itself.