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Senior Contributor

Re: Republic of Monsanto

Hey BA, what about those working folks who lick your boots and "share their wealth with you thru farm welfare programs  Wa WA I can't plant someone must help me.  


Re: Republic of Monsanto

My answer is the rule of law. Which will require a different bunch of democrats.


Unfortunately the GOP is a bunch of lost balls in very tall weeds. Beyond redemption.





Senior Advisor

Re: Republic of Monsanto

@bruce MN wrote:
I'd have thought that you might have picked up from his comments that he prefers a government that doesn't do that. That's what he has been talking about. But that's way down your list of concerns as we all know only too well it's just a piece that goes along with support that you offer for pols who have convinced you that they agree with your primary concerns, when they actually couldn't give a rats

Please explain how Monsanto has more control over your life than the federal government.