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Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

Well read some leaked stuff....and really it's a joke.....there is not one thing in it that does what everyone reduce

prices/premiums.....what it is, smoke and mirrors.  I guess you could get lower premiums, but, you also are getting lower

coverage.....such talk of no prescription drug coverage, etc.  They did nothing that is the heart of the

costs.  Their idea, as I have been saying, for the pre-existing people put them in a state pool.......which is what we used to

have !!!  the states can't afford I have a problem.....when this is done, you will be just like applying for welfare....

which I do not thing is right....

what did they do.........nothing......what they did, put us back to where we were before Obama we are back to

square 1....nothing was changed, nothing was made better......yet they are so proud of themselves......


and they made a is that going to help those that don't make much......and wanting to

take apart medicade..  let me guess, all the people writing this, are making good money, and have Tricare/governement



do you really think trumps understand it ???


really, it they just drop the fine, which basicly trump has done, it's thrown us back to where we were


the rich get's richer, the poor get even more poor, get sick and die.


welcome to america


if this goes thru, it will be disaster for small rural hospitals and about driving 100 miles for a sore throat ?


frankly Washington doesn't care.

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

Bottom line is you want the government to force some one else to pay for your health care because you have more important things to spend your money on. That is the definition of fascism.

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

I guess that means that you will pass away, soon. Been nice knowin' ya. 


Hey , that means this page will be less filled with fascist tripe. 😃👍


I like this plan already. 

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

Yes call someone a name and that solves the
Problem doesn't it.

I pay my own insurance at 100%...
I didn't go thru the exchange
So how are you paying for me ?

Ad stated, they did nothing to reduce costs.

Our groups work, before trump jumped in,
Saw things that could be done, such as
Ability to form groups....note not in the
Republican plan I read....maybe it's buried
In it, but an important way to solve part
Of the issue to be left out ?
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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

Mine worked before Obama jumped in.

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

I haven't read much on proposals to change/replace Obamacare, yet I was wondering what the general perception was of HOW and HOW MUCH has Obamacare actually reduced overall health care costs, including health insurance costs and government outlays for same?  


Yes, there are millions of people covered thru the marketplace who did not have insurance previously.  There are millions of young people now covered under policies of their parents, young people who previously weren't overly concerned about health care coverage, or felt they could not afford it. There are also millions of people covered thru the marketplace that did have insurance previously, and for various reasons (cancelled policies, eligibility for the subsidy, etc) switched to via the marketplace.  And, there are still millions of people who have no health insurance coverage.


AND, my insurance also worked fine for me, until Obamacare jumped in.  Had a good policy bought directly from an insurance company (not thru agent), a $5000 deductible for catastrophic purposes, excellent coverages beyond the deductible, $2 million lifetime cap.  My deductible decreased $500 for each year that I did not use my deductible, down to a minimum annual deductible of $1500, which was level I had achieved over the years.  I never actually needed to use the coverage, yet benefited from some of the negotiated rates and drug benefits, out-of-pocket costs reduced, but still paid out-of-pocket.  Had this policy for nearly 20 years.  About mid-2015, the insurance company announced they were getting out of their private health insurance lines and made no attempt to redirect or transfer individual policies to another company -- all individual policies were being cancelled at end of 2015.  Reason given -- primarily excessive costs and regulatory burden of Obamacare.  I located another health insurance policy, different company, still an individual policy, high deductible, yet premiums nearly double my previous policy -- enrolled in plan to start coverage Jan 1, 2016 -- entire plan was cancelled by the company before my coverage even started, don't know why, but they did refund my premium.  Being in good health, and comparing the cost of insurance to the Obamacare penalty for not having health insurance, I chose to take the risk and just incur the penalty for 2016.  Late in 2016, I again looked around at health insurance options, and enrolled in a plan via the Obamacare marketplace for 2017 -- the premium, after the subsidy, is reasonable, actually about the same as my previously privately purchased policy (for 2015), whereas the total gross premium (without subsidy) would have been more than double (actually almost triple) what I paid for my health insurance in 2015 -- the "marketplace" was quite limited, with only 1 company participating, and only 1 choice in policy "selection" -- while I now have health insurance coverage, there is still something quite wrong with this picture.



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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

yes, you might have worked.......but there were many that it didn't.........such as for those with pre-existing health conditions.

We are seeing more and more people with conditions that are classified as pre-existing conditions.


yes, it has been good overall.....some rural clinics and hospitals were saved due to people having insurance.  A friend of mine

is a CEO of a regional hospital.  Things were becoming critical before the ACA......but now, it is somewhat better.


healthcare insurance is a complex our group found out when we were trying to form a group policy for people in

rural area's in the state.  We talked to insurance companies, actuaries, plan administration companies, hospitals, practice



the issue is costs......and there is not really much that can be done....yes there are problems with hospital management

but overall, it costs to have an er open 24 hrs a day, it costs to have ct, mri, pet scaners....lab equipment, cardic cath

labs......and people that can do all of that, and pay taxes and retirement all costs.


are there ways to save, in some area's yes......but in other's no.


yes, some of the stuff worked before.......but as my friend said, many people had rude surprises when people thought they

had insurance, and come to find out it was he said something is better than nothing, but he said many were

sick when they found out their policy didn't do much.


these stripped down policy's that the republicans are wanting, are available now.....just go to

and look at the short term policy.....but read them very carefully...example many allow only $1000 per day for hospital...

average cost is $ prescription drug coverage, etc...etc....


the idea of insurance is, managed have good risk, and bad risk, but things are averaged in, so that it

works, and the company makes money....for those of you that are hollering you don't use it, but it still goes up,

I say count  your blessings.  If we followed your ideals,  what happends the day you have a heart attack, or

gall bladder surgery, or you get injured are no longer a good person for the group.......should

we drop you ?


it we spent months reading, meeting with people, phone calls, etc, to get where we were, how can we think that a few people

in Washington can figure it out, for the whole nation......each state is unique, in risk levels, cost of care, etc,

one size does not fit all.






Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

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Re: Republican Healthcare plan........a joke

exchange the words "health care"  "to farm subsidies" and your just as correct