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Senior Advisor

Republican controlled legislators

are trying to change the way their del;egates to the electoral college are selected. Instead of winner take all delegates n some state they want prorated shaed delegates because the math tells them that Romney would have gotten more than a few electoral college delegate by winning a proportional share.


Gerry mandering the congressional delegations and voter suppression laws and now screwing with the delegate selection process. They will do anything.

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Senior Contributor

Re: Republican controlled legislators

They can't help it, Don, it's the only way they've got left! LOL!! They can't change their platform, they are out of ideas, and before this next election in '14, they've got to do something big, because they know they are going down the $hitter!

Veteran Advisor

Re: Republican controlled legislators

Kraft, you have it backwards.  They want to take the pro-rated States, and make them winner-take-all, in the few States that are not that way.

On one hand, they claim that all States should use the same system.

On the other hand, the States they want to change are GOP majority States, and it would deny the Dems a few electoral votes.


From what my Dad says, they changed the law in Nebraska, so that the majoirty couldn't trample the minority (at least that is what the Dems said at the time).   However, if you look at the States that do the proportional delagate assignments, they all pretty much would go GOP, denying the Dems some electoral votes.   The strongly Dem States, with a few GOP pockets, seem to all be 'winner take all'.


Personally, I think to be 'fair' the States should all be one way, or the other, don't you think?