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Senior Advisor

Republican math

A good KS, the state run lottery last
Year took in approx $ 389 million dollars
According to state law....2% is to be taken to
Be used to help counsel those who have a
Gambling problem ((no farming is a gamble, but
They don't quite see it that way )).

Well guess any good Republicans, they
See money, THEY grab of the set aside amount
Only 10% goes where mandated by state law.
Who did this....the house and Senate budget
Committee....and what are they primarily made up
Of ???

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Senior Advisor

Re: Republican math

Why does the government sponsor an addicting activity? Why is big gambling not treated the same as big tobacco?

Senior Advisor

Re: Republican math

3020...our state has financial problems. The
Lottery/gambling makes pretty good money
For the that's why we do it.

Yep, welcome to Bible country...late term abortion,
State sponsored lottery... liquor stores open
On Sunday...
Kids taken from parents are placed in offices...
Rather than a care center center or a home.

And those conseratives, Bible thumping Republicans
Are in total control.

Senior Advisor

Re: Republican math

And you want to give them control of your health care. You gota have a lot of people with a gambling addiction to make it work. Their kids have to do with out.