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Republicans head for irrelevancy

except for angry white people the Republicans may have trouble finding supporters.

Especially among Latinos


This was supposed to be the year the Republican party increased its share of the Latino vote by just enough — only a few percentage points — that it could ride that support all the way to the White House.

But Donald Trump's candidacy is undoing years of work wooing Latino voters.

The San Diego rally attracted about 1,000 protesters and, like several rallies before and since, pitted a largely white Trump-supporting audience against a largely Latino group of anti-Trump protesters. The violence was bipartisan.



Ask Latinos what they think of Donald Trump and polls suggest nine out of 10 will say something negative.

"Extraordinarily high numbers," Madrid said. "Unprecedented levels of negativity towards the candidate."

California-based Republican strategist Mike Murphy, who has come out against his party's own candidate, believes there can only be one outcome in the general election.

"I think he's going to get his clock cleaned in the general election because he doesn't appeal to those new groups that our party needs," Murphy said.

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Re: Republicans head for irrelevancy

So the only way to get elected is to ignore the law breaking ILLEGAL aliens. Well that is what the repubs have been doing. In Canada I hear the only want to get elected is to change the 102 year old national anthem.


Re: Republicans head for irrelevancy

Hi Canuck,


The funny thing is that Hispanics tend to be open to historic GOP values, at least to the extent that Republicans could get a decent share, if not the majority.


But it is the larger problem on a micro scale. After the GOP gerrymandered 80-100 congrssional districts to be safe seats they became wide open for the wild eyed crowd to pick them off in the primaries, and the same happened in the senate for very red states.


So suddenly there was a sizable bloc in congress that would compromise on nothing and they killed every reasonable attempt at immigration reform- partly out of principle, partly because it was a valuable issue to keep alive for their own political fortunes.


So now it is a hill they'll die to hold and the GOP is likely to get killed in the battle.


Sort of banal, really, despite the urgent intensity some feel over it.


The Dem party nees to die too, which I why asked, "what next"?

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Re: Republicans head for irrelevancy

Have read other articles about 'wedge issues' and how the Republicans especialy have used things like abortio to get elected but never do anything to change them when they are in power.

The opinion was that they were setting the party up for a revolution as more radicals got in just to go for their edge issue which was not saleable to a majority.

The Tea Party group has been pointed to as problematic as they argue their issue supported by a minority at the expense of actually governing.


Politics works best when there is a little give and take and an acceptance that you do not get everything your way every time.

Have been on enough committees to know the troubles when 1 or 2 members hold out for only their ideas to be used.


It does appear that Trump has spouted enough discriminatory retoric to dissuade the Latinos from supporting him even if they might tend to agree with other Republican policies.

If those quoted in the article are representative across the country his mouth could be costly in votes lost.


BTW it often amazes me how some people can be so locked into one party that they vote that way no matter who runs or what they say or policies proposed.

Hard for me to fathom as I have voted for 3 different parties in elections here depending on the candidate and/or the policies of the parties.

I almost voted for the Green Party because of the candidate which would have made 4 different parties, but had to vote strategically so a candidate (it was the candidate not the policies) I really opposed did not gain by my vote for a person that had little chance of winning.

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Re: Republicans head for irrelevancy

If repubs refuse to enforce immigration laws they are already irrelevant.