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Veteran Advisor

Re: LOL... Oh, Dale... You kill me!

@Reich Leader, Herr GreaTOne_65 wrote:

Aw, gee, Craigo. You really disappoint me. Talk about dummying down, you can't get much lower. To hear you, you just won the jackpot, what you won was one single little district, WOOHOO!! The Presidency isn't going to be that easy. One other problem, Craigo, it's a very long time before the 2012 election, plenty of time to prove who's side the Republicans are on. Pay attention, Craigo, this is going to hurt!

Hey Dale, Wasn't it you that was going on and on and on about some district in upstate New York that went your way.... narrowly, and you said "Oh it is the end of the pubbies!!!"   Well buddy, NY 9 is as solid liberal as they come and your side still lost it.   I am thinking that by Nov. 2012 the re-play of Carter and Reagan will be eclipsed.... or maybe as bad as the 1984 campaign of Walter Mondull.  I will tag your reply, as usual, with your name, so that I can easily find it again and bring it up to the top, and rub your nose in it.Hammer_and_Sickle.gif