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Re: Repubs-I actually don't give a damn

He actually follows the template pretty closely although our Republic is not nearly as vulnerable as the Weimar was.


Nor is our population as homogeneous, a bit of a blessing in these times.


A good test is that if you don't believe that there is a Trump Cult that means that you are in it.


As noted, a small but influential cadre of the RINO remnant found a hole in the fence and made a dash for freedom this week. No telling how many may follow.


Enough to be significant, I'd guess, but not huge. Like Fall '16, many will think a while and say "but he has such nice children, but Gorsuch, my portfolio etc."



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Re: Repubs-I actually don't give a damn

But it wasn’t evil when Obama’s was doing it, you lying sos? Seen a clip of Michelle monkey face Obama on yesterday. She was complaining that they had no room for error being the first black couple in the White House. I never came so close to throwing something at the tv thinking how they got pass after pass and any criticism of them labels you a racist.