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Re: Hot off presses, Trump stopped it.

What he actually said is that it was not a priority. Call that what you wish, stopping or whatever.

Re: i'll admit, he did the right thing

Did some lookingband the Indy exchange is one of those that is really tough on smokers. Try quiting. No idea on seat belts or bicycle helmets. 

Re: Hot off presses, Trump stopped it.

This pre-inauguration presidency is really something to be witnessing. I'm not sure just what the benign observer is seeing. All sorts of kids who don't have a frame of reference presuming we live under some sort of pseudo monarchy, I'm sure.


While vacationing with our family last week our 9 year old grandson was listening to an adult conversation, with a couple of old style actual conservatives in it BYW, offered up that "this is going to be a real mess".

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Re: Hot off presses, Trump stopped it.

Well, since Trump was such a surprise many were caught flatfooted, so they hang on every word that Trump says...and read more into it in some cases. Add to that the media is desperately still trying to take him down and Twitter enables him to bypass convention presidential communication.  Trump is a plain talker to begin with and his 2am Tweets are all full monty Trump, no scrubbing by professionals.


Many investors spectulate what the new populist movement will mean to the markets, trade and interest rates.  Truth is we won`t know, so many unanswered questions...will the Bilderbergers allow this?  Can Trump win over the other side?  In a world of low patience, will people give his workable solutions ehough of a chance before they get restless?.   All that can be done is divine every uttered word of Trump`s.

Re: i'll admit, he did the right thing

I don't know what the minimum threshold for the informed citizenry is. But I have questions about folks who were oblivious to the fact that per capita healthcare espenditures went up 50% in the WJC years and 70% under GWB but they thought that they'd continue to get either "free" insurance from their job or a teaser rate deal in a cherry picked risk pool.


If you look at Ryan's plan- the most popular ACA replacement option I guess, the age cap goes from 300% to 500% so good luck on that cheaper insurance.*


Hope you m ake it to 65 although that's looking a little ahaky now too.


*a few people who were in exchanges that blew up will get "cheaper" rates, even enough that the propaganda sourses and their peddlers here will be able to claim a yuuge victory.


And people who want to remain oblivious can go about their lives happily as they did before ACA- unless and until reality happened to intervene with a change in health or employment status.

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Re: Hot off presses, Trump stopped it.

Reminds me of how carefully the Fed Reserve chooses their words, after meetings, and every single word scrutinized and interpreted, markets anticipating and reacting.  Because people have become so crazy, if Trump doesn't carefully choose when and how to use his words or tweets, many things can tailspin out of control before "official" actions take place.


On the other hand, there should be no "closed door" decisions in our House of Representatives, except those that need to remain "closed door" for national security reasons.