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Resistance at all costs, how Trump haters are breaking America.

This new book by Kimberly Strassel Heart  kind of goes along with Sam`s post the other day about Matt Taibbi fearing that the US will become a 3rd world banana place...though Minneapolis the other day was "Burma, hold my beer!".  

Kimberly says the Left not only does exactly what they accuse Trump of doing, they feel entitled to use whatever tactics to remove a duly elected president simply because they "don`t like him".  


The problem is instead Democrats who are turning the awesome powers of the House into partisan political weapons. The impeachment power is large and serious. Yet these days, Democrats toss the word around with as much regularity as they do the word “hearing,” or “motion” or “bill.” Holding an executive cabinet member in contempt of Congress is a serious move, yet Democrats slapped Barr with contempt in record time and for no reason other than to score political points. House Democrats have cast aside the usual rules on oversight — ignoring the traditional need to show true “legislative purpose” and instead demanding documents from Trump from before he was even in office. And current Democratic presidential candidates are promising to abolish the Electoral College, pack the Supreme Court, give sixteen-year-olds the vote, and confiscate existing firearms. constitutional norms, anyone?

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Re: Resistance at all costs, how Trump haters are breaking America.

Progressives want the CIA to decide who leads the country, not the voters.

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Re: Resistance at all costs, how Trump haters are breaking America.

its a dangerous game they are playing.  What if a democrat does win the WH but the dems loose the house?  Should r's just do the same thing the d's have done and make it their business of knee capping the executive?  

A what about the precedent that the fbi and cia have set.  What president will not make it their policy of blanket firing the entire upper management of those agencies on day one as a matter of self preservation?


The dumb ***** think its some kind of game where just getting rid of a president they don't like will solve all their problems.  They are starting a ball rolling that they will not be able to control and who knows where that might end.