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Revenge of the American domestic terrorist (a.k.a. Half of the American people)!

Last night’s carnage in both deep blue Virginia and New Jersey was the doing of a certain type of very radical people. 

We all know the type. They believe in outrageous things like...

1) Dudes who dress up like ladies (or US Navy Admirals) are still dudes.
2) Mostly peaceful rioting, isn’t.
3) Public schools should remain open and teachers should teach.
4) Perpetual victims and professional race hustlers should never be allowed to govern.
5) Black Crimes do Black adult illiteracy & innumeracy.
6) Antifa violence is real.
7) A southern border crisis exists regardless of whether anyone in the MSM or Biden Administration chooses to acknowledge it.
8 ) Transitory inflation of gas & grocery prices, isn’t.
9) Racist, bigot, anti-vaxxer, misogynist, fascist, insurrctionist, cracker, and Nazi are just Democratic Party pejoratives for, “someone I happen to disagree with.”
10) Weaponizing the DOJ, the FBI, the Pentagon, the CIA, the NSA, the US State Department, and the IRS against one’s political opponents is Un-American.
11) Cabinet Secretaries of Transportion should not go on two months paid vacation in the middle of a national supply chain crisis, regardless of whether it is gay paternity leave or not.
12) A woke, racially diverse, and intersectionally inclusive military might not be the very best of approaches for winning future wars.

[File under: Let’s Go Brandon!...and all of the other wankers who made his sorry administration possible.]

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Re: Revenge of the American domestic terrorist (a.k.a. Half of the American people)!

I hope nQx is OK. He had a bad night. Hope he can recover.